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FYI: Below is the “Where We Are At Today” Mid-Year Report. 

​The mid-year “Where We Are Today” report was created to support dialogue with First Nations communities at the fall regional caucus sessions and to provide clear communication on key topics of interest related to the FNHA’s work.



Oct 21, 2015 

FNHA Health Benefits provides a specific number of health related goods and services to meet medical or dental needs not covered by provincial, territorial, or other third party health insurance for BC First Nations. FNHA Health Benefits is guided by the FNHA’s Shared Values, Seven Directives, and Guiding Principles and is committed to supporting the delivery of health services that meet the needs of BC First Nations.

This report presents FNHA Health Benefits’ expenditures and claims utilization for the 2014-2015 fiscal year. With this report, we hope to foster our relationship with the community through transparency of information which aligns with Directive #4 – Foster Meaningful Collaboration and Partnership. FNHA Health Benefits include: Short-Term Crisis Intervention Mental Health Counselling, Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program, BC Medical Services Plan premiums, Pharmacy, Dental Care, Medical Supplies an​d Equipment, Vision Care, and assistance with Medical Transportation to access medical services not available at-home/on-reserve or in the community of residence.



FNHA Northern Office Update_Summer 2015 FINAL


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NORTH_FNHC Meeting Update Letter Feb 22 – FINAL


Meeting Summary – FNHC Meeting October 3 2012

Communique to First Nations – October 30th 2012- Transfer Date-FIN