Oral Health Care (OHC)







The oral health/dental therapy service delivers and manages a broad range of oral health activities including prevention, oral health promotion and basic restorative services.  The majority of restorative dental services are provided through Non-Insured Health Benefits rather than through the Oral Health Care program.

Activities include dental screenings, assistance to improve oral hygiene, fluoride treatments, dental sealants and referrals for complex treatment.  In addition, there are opportunities to inform and build capacity among parents, caregivers, and dental health professionals through clinical and educational strategies.

Other oral health promotion activities at the community level are delivered through awareness campaigns and presentations to target groups such as Aboriginal Head Start; day care; preschools; nurseries; parent participants; and specific community groups.  Oral health promotion also includes media promotion; home visits and the promotion of Aboriginal professional oral health training, such as dental therapy.

Our goal is to reduce, prevent or eliminate oral disease and the need for dental treatment through prevention, education and oral health promotion.