irs celebrationIRS-RHSW Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Worker Program embarked on a journey meant for the healing of its participants.   It is our hope to offer IRS Survivors and their families  from the communities of Kispiox, Glen Vowell, and Gitanmaax  cultural  strengthening workshops and classes.

The IRS program staff consists of Ardthye Wilson, IRS Program Manager,  Gary Patsey, IRS Health Support Worker and Pamela Torres, IRS Health Support Worker.

The IRS staff can be reached at 250 842-6876  at the

Sik-e-dakh Health Station.

Ardythe Wilson 250.842.6876 ext. 405

Pam Torres 250.842.6876 ext. 27

Gary Patsey 250.842.6876 ext. 23

Some of the activities planned for the upcoming year include:

Traditional Healing: Swanasxw (fanning and brushing), Hlabalaa (healing touch), Wilp Guu’uutxw (sweat lodges), Haldakxw (Gitxsan medicines), Sisatxw (purification-letting go ceremonies and rituals)

Reconnection to the land: Cultural camps, Harvesting camps, Communal/Seasonal camps,

Gitxsan leadership training and grooming: Gitxsan history, Gitxsan social structure, Roles and responsibilities of a Wilp and its members, Liliget (feast system) curriculum, Genealogy and its significance, Cultural mentoring. Will be presented in a series of workshops throughout the year.

Rejuvenation of Gitsanimax (Gitxsan language): Build into as many, if not all, aspects of the RHS program and connect with other Gitsanimax activities in the area