National Aboriginal youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (NAYSPS)

As a program, the NAYSPS targets resources that support a range of community-based solutions and activities that contributes to improved mental health and wellness among Aboriginal youth, families, and communities.  Over time, these efforts will result in a reduction of Aboriginal youth suicide across Canada. Individual mental health and wellness are key factors against becoming suicidal.  As such, suicide prevention is addressed in the context of individual, family, and community health.

The NAYSPS has articulated a number of objectives that will work in support the main goals of the program.  The goals and objectives of the program include:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of Aboriginal youth suicide prevention.
  • Strengthen key protective factors such as a strong sense of identity, meaning and purpose, and resilience.
  • Strengthen and facilitate collaborative approaches and linkages within and across governments, agencies and organizations:
  • Develop and implement locally-driven suicide prevention plans in First Nations and Inuit communities.
  • Improve and increase crisis response efforts to intervene more effectively in preventing suicide and suicide clusters following a suicide-related crisis in First Nations and Inuit communities.
  • To enhance knowledge development regarding what we know about what

works in preventing Aboriginal youth suicide.

NAYSPS activities include the following program elements:

  • Primary Prevention: support activities that focus on mental health promotion activities that increase resiliency and reduce risk among Aboriginal youth.
  • Secondary Prevention: support activities that focus on supporting collaborative, community-based approaches to suicide prevention.
  • Tertiary Prevention: support activities that focus on increasing the effectiveness of crisis response, stabilization and after care for survivors.
  • Knowledge Development: support activities that aim to improve what we know and what works in the field of Aboriginal youth suicide prevention.

Types of Service Providers

Services within the NAYSPS are delivered by a variety of service providers including:  recognized mental health service providers; Elders and traditional teachers; and mental health paraprofessionals.