Child Assistance Mentors:Tsiits and baby 2016

Mentors provide confidential support. Nothing we learn from our clients will be shared with other service providers unless you give us permission. Our approach is the harm reduction model and we under-stand there are reasons you may not be able to quit drugs or alcohol. We work with you to reduce the harms from your risky behavior.

Mentors provide extensive practical assistance and the long-term emotional support so critical to women who are making fundamental changes in their lives. If you are ready to make a change, we can help.

Tiffany Denny 842-2319
Lorraine Moore 842-2319
Confidential services!


Maternal Child Health Home Visitors

Home visitmch 2016s provide information to families with young children and to pregnant women. We will show families how to get support from other community resources. Home visitors will work with you to assess your need for services, develop a service plan with you, make sure you get the services you need, and set up and get you to appointments.

Home Visitors can be there for you, give you practical help and information on child development, etc.

Home Visitors:

Val Rubinato 842-2319
Lorraine Half 842-2319
We’re here to help!