​Kispiox and Sik-e-dakh on and off reserve that, through its health teams, has daily interaction
and contact with the majority of elders and is aware of the immediate needs of
those elders. In many instances, the health teams have been called upon to
provide non-medical services to the elders in order to meet a basic need. This
takes away from other elders who are awaiting health team assistance and puts a
greater strain on the health teams.

Gitxsan Health Society is interested in enhancing available, non-medical, services
to the elders by bringing the Better at Home program to the three communities.
In order to do so, it had to undertake an exploration and assessment of what
services are currently available in the communities, what services elders need in
order to support them at home, and what the priorities were for each community.
The Gitxsan communities have traditionally been very volunteer orientated and
have held the elders in high regard. Through the Better at Home program
Gitxsan Health will be able to help elders live more fulfilling lives and give the
younger generations an opportunity to learn from the elders. Better at Home is a “branded” program of United Way of the Lower Mainland, funded by the Government of BC. Each local site is asked to use the name and brand “Better at Home” to identify and promote the program.


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