The Home and Community Care Program provides member clients with basic care skills such as home care nursing, home care support, and elder care. It is a coordinated system of home and community-based health care services that enable member clients from Gitxsan Health Society’s (GHS) service delivery area of all ages with disabilities, chronic or acute illnesses and the elderly to receive the care they need in their homes and communities.

The program is delivered primarily by trained and certified personal care workers at the community level, supported and supervised by home care nurses.  Home care nursing services includes direct service delivery, supervision and teaching of personal care service providers.  Home support personal care services such as bathing, grooming, dressing, etc

Other HCC essential services includes the provision of or access to in-home respite care service; establishment of linkages with other professional and social services; access to medical equipment and supplies; and a system of record keeping and data collection.

Supportive services provided might include but are not limited to:  facilitation and linkages for rehabilitation and therapy services; respite care; adult day care; home-based palliative care; and medication monitoring.

The goals of the home and community care program:

  • Develop a regional home care component of the Gitxsan Health Plan

  • Assist members to function independently in the home environment

  • Promote wellness and independence amongst families by developing the individuals and families capacity for care management

  • Reduce the admission rates of members to long care facilities

  • Develop a comprehensive range of home care services in Gitxsan Health Society’s service delivery area


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